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FAVORITE ANIMAL: Koko the Gorilla. I literally weep at any movie with Gorillas. One time I visited the Atlanta Zoo and I saw a mama holding her new baby Gorilla and showing off her baby right at the glass. I was in awe and in LOVE. 

THINGS I LOVE: Naming products, brands and babies, theme parks, make-up and beauty products, collecting gems/rocks, new books, alone time at a coffee shop, making fancy beverages for my friends, giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, music that makes me feel all the things, BSG board game, date night, new slippers, weekly girls night, heart-to-hearts, good graphic design and fancy interfaces, CHRISTMAS. 

CHILDHOOD FAVORITES: POGS, Pocahontas and Lion King trading cards, Beanie Babies, visiting the Museum of Arts & Science, butterflies, making up interpretive dances to Rebecca St. James and Britney Spears songs, running my animal sitting business (I started young), making mini-films with my brother and sister. 

INTERESTING FACTS: I was home-schooled from 2nd-11th grade and attended a private school for 1 year during my senior year of high-school. I'm left-handed. My first pet was a guinea pig named Emily. Jon was my first boyfriend and first kiss! I broke up with Jon twice before I chilled the eff out. I had a weird obsession with birds and owls in college. In high-school I "wrote poetry" and posted it on a poetry community literally called "". I LOVE studying strength and personality tests like Strengths Finder and the Enneagram, I'm a 4 by the way. ;)  



I'm Savannah! I currently live on the east side of Atlanta (OTP, bc I'm not that cool) in a quiet neighborhood with mostly retired folks. Our home was built in 1971, it has good character and we've been working on it...s l o w l y...because, life. ;)

I'm married to Jon and our story is a little like Cory and Topanga (any Boy Meets World fans out there?) we've been together since we were 15 and married 8 years in May. He's my best friend and we've grown up together and experienced all of our most joyful moments and devastating moments together. We love slow evenings, after the kids are in bed. Ordering in, sifi shows, video's our thing.

We have two beautiful children. Soren Lind is 4, bright, loving and strong. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you can read more about our journey with Soren here and here. He's involved in ABA and Speech therapy and has been thriving! He LOVES puzzles (he's really good at them) and building cities with Jon's Lego collection. His blue eyes and thick dusty blonde hair, kill me! Aria Fox is 2 and is legit one of the sweetest gals around. I remember when she was first born, Jon scooped her up as soon as possible and wouldn't give her back. She is nurturing, kind, expressive and so funny! We are crazy about our kiddos, they keep us grounded and bring so much joy to our lives constantly.

Did I mentioned we adopted a dog in 2017? Odin is a husky, sheppard mix...he is MASSIVE with one brown eye and one icey blue eye. We heard about him on the radio and after seeing his puppy picture, we knew it was meant to be. He's SO naughty but currently shaping up at puppy boot camp. ;)

A brief history of 2010-2018, I graduated from Berry College in Rome, Georgia in 2010 with a degree in visual communication and a focus on graphic design. My first job was a corporate position with a well-known fast food company in the south as an in-house designer. At the same time I started this job I also started my own business and blog that was lovingly named Maiedae. Maiedae started out as a handmade accessory and jewelry shop on Etsy and after my bestie Jenny Highsmith became my business partner we turned our handmade shop into a full-time graphic design business and started designing blogs and websites for some incredible women and small business owners. We individually blogged full-time as well and then merged our blogs together for one short year. We launched the "Maiedae Mixer" and held three incredible events in Atlanta celebrating creative entrepreneurs and women local to the area. There were e-courses, workshops, the launch of our own businesses, growing families, moving house and lots of life in-between! 

Mutually we stepped back from Maiedae to focus and support each other in new ventures. Jenny went off to launch a wildly successful lettering shop and I launched my candle company, Lindbergh Candle Co. and later an essential oils biz, Babe Brigade. Did I mention I was a Beauty YouTuber as well as a beauty contributor for ABM somewhere in-between all that?!

These past 8 years of creative endeavors have been filled with so much joy and so many incredible challenges. 2017 was a year of intention for me and my family as we focused on Soren's diagnoses, mental health, faith and being whole as a family. It was GOOD and challenging. It was filled with victories and the heaviest moments of my life. But we held fast to each other. While the roads are still long ahead of us we have a renewed sense of hope and strength. 

So here we are, welcome my friends! This has been a long-time coming. In this space I'll be connecting you to my business loves, Lindbergh and Babe Brigade. I'll be blogging about my passion for wellness, beauty, home and motherhood AND I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my life over on my YouTube channel!

I am unbelievably happy to be here with you and to be back in many facets of my life that I truly missed. Cheers to 2018 my friends!