My friends! Hello! A huge, gigantic welcome to my refreshed space.

I've spent 2017 missing my blog, missing my YouTube channel and mulling over the best way to start incorporating these pieces into my business and daily life again. I took an unexpected break from YouTube this entire year and it was needed and good. I put my focus on my families health as well as my Babe Brigade and Lindbergh businesses. 

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2017 was an incredibly challenging time for us. My husband and I walked through the beginning stages of healing for his mental health struggles. We've had many dark days and MANY victories. More of which I hope to share with you in the future. In short, I'm so in love with this man and proud of how hard he has fought and pushed forward in healing this year for himself and his family. We've also put a lot of focus on Soren and the therapies that he has needed for his Autism diagnoses. ABA therapy has been a complete godsend and we are forever grateful for how much it has helped Soren THRIVE! Although Soren is considered non-verbal right now, we have seen him grow and develop SO much in his communication and start to actually use words little by little. This is a big year for him and we are praying and believing in more communication breakthroughs for our sweet boy. 

The man I consider my second dad, Jon's father, was diagnosed with cancer in the fall. We have wept and grieved over his diagnoses but we have also come together as a family to fight. He is a strong man and is doing so well in his treatments. We are forever grateful to our Papa and the incredible grandpa and father he is, we are praying for healing and complete remission. 

We've had to hold onto each other tightly this year. We've had to put down a lot of selfish desires to be a team, encourage each other and remain strong. We have learned so much and experienced so many growing pains, and there is still a long road ahead but our foundation as a family is strong and unshakable. So we'll make it through together. 

For the moments we celebrated, my brother and his beautiful wife had their sweet boy, Oliver in the summertime. He is all smiles and rolls and I just love him. They moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana so it's been a few months since I've seen them but they were in town for Christmas and I loved seeing them and holding my sweet nephew! My baby sister got married in August to a wonderful man and my new brother. It was a beautiful wedding. God brought them together in a beautiful way and we loved celebrating through tears and laughter. They are expecting their first, a boy, and we are all SO thrilled!

This season, has also been a beautiful time of community for me. I've had girlfriends rally around me, allow me to be myself, open up their lives to me, let me cry with them, let me laugh with them and watch lots of The Bachelor/Bachelorette (sorry not sorry). I am THANKFUL for rich friendships that are deep and loving and encouraging. So to you ladies, you know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it's true that you're a combination of the people you spent the most time with, I'm honored that it's you. 

Let's get to the big question, what now? I am SO excited about 2018. This site represents a lot of exciting focuses and projects. My Babe Brigade community bloomed in 2017 and it's been such an exciting thing to be part of! This blog will be an extension of that in some ways as I write not only about life but also share beauty, wellness, motherhood and some really fun DIYs with you. Blog posts will be showing up in your feed 3x a week and they're gonna be gooood! I'll be back at it with my YouTube channel too! Yes, it's really happening! I've missed my YouTube community so much and I can't tell you how excited I am to come back. Things are going to shift around a little since the last time I posted. I want my channel to feel like we are BFFs chatting in my room about awesome stuff and things we love. I'll be doing casual VLOG style posts as well as sharing more about beauty, wellness and lifestyle there. My first video in a year is coming next week and I'll be posting regularly 1x a week! 

I've also got a couple of projects up my sleeve, including an e-book I'm planning to launch in January/early February. I CANNOT WAIT!

So, feel free to take a second and explore the space! See what I'm up to and join in! Thank you so much for reading and being part of this little community we've created here!! Also, MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS!!