The end of each year is always a huge reflection time for me, it's also a huge moment to think about the year ahead and the ways I want to grow and challenge myself. One of my favorite traditions is rounding up favorites from the previous year to share with you. My last post was all about some of my favorite songs from 2017...on Friday I'm going to share a video with ALL of my favorite products and beauty goods from 2017 (get ready!!) and today I'm going to round up my very favorite resources, blogs, podcasts and books that have resonated with me throughout 2017!

Lore - A creepy podcast that explores the darker side of history. I listened to so many of these episodes while road tripping with my friend Lyndsay last spring. 

Productivity Paradox - From the creator of Inkwell Press, my favorite planner of all time. Tonya shares tips on goal setting, productivity, the myth of "balance" and highlights to many wonderful practical tools for getting things together!

Wonderful! - This podcast just makes me so happy and makes me laugh. I love Griffin and Rachel McElroy and all their quippy stories and jokes. ;)

Let it Out with Katie Dalebout - Lots of wellness and self care goodness! I loved the interview with the founder of Four Sigmatic episode! 

Essentially Happy - Ways to help heal depression naturally. Such an incredible book and FILLED with practical routines and tips. 

I am Fabulous - A book all about essential oil blends. Anytime I make a rollerball from this book, it becomes my new favorite. The smells and blends are to DIE FOR.

Emotions & Essential Oils - A beautiful book pairing essential oils with your emotions. Powerful for helping to pinpoint and support your emotions naturally. 

Love Your Life, Not Theirs - An easy read on getting your finances together. VERY inspiring and a good kick in the butt. 

Enneagram in Love & Work - This is MY FAVORITE personality tool that exists. I studied this for years in college and afterward and to this day, this has been one of the most meaningful tools Jon and I have used in our marriage and that I've used in my relationships. It's INCREDIBLE!

Daring Greatly - This was a powerful book both Jon and I read early in the year. It talks a lot about shame, guilt, fear and how that plays into depression. It was deeply inspiring and moving. A book I would recommend for everyone to read. 

Woman Code - Um, tired of your hormones being psycho?? This book is beautiful and incredible. So empowering to know more about your body, your period, your hormones and how to support your health with food and a good lifestyle. If you ever have period problems or hormones problems, stop, go get this book and read it!

Alchemy of Herbs - A beautiful reference book I recently got about all the wonderful herbs and how they can be used to support your body.

The MoonJuice Cookbook - Lots of beautiful recipes that support your body with adaptogens and whole foods. Visually SO beautiful too!

The Miracle Morning - If you want to change your life and your morning, GET THIS BOOK. It has been such a game changer for me and it's a super quick read too. 

Lee From America - LOVE Lee and all of her wellness recipes and posts. She has been a major inspiration to me especially over the past few months.

A Beautiful Mess - I couldn't go without mentioning an always favorite. I had the pleasure of writing for ABM for a year and I loved every minute. This is my favorite reference blog for DIYs, recipes, tips/tricks/hacks, home decor...etc. It's wonderful!

Wu Haus - Alison is magickal! I love all of her beautiful recipes and wellness tips.  

Simply Quinoa - A practical blog with TONS of amazing, HEALTHY recipes! 

Forth Guide - My friend Mattie put together a kick-ass resource guide for entrepreneurs and I had the honor of helping contribute to it! It's an incredible price and filled to the BRIM with amazing resources.

Everydollar App - How I keep a daily budget. I would be lost forever without it! 

MyFlo App - This goes hand in hand with the Woman Code book. One of my favorite period tracker apps with lots of tips on supporting your body through the different phases of your cycle.

Think Dirty App - Ready to dump some of the toxic waste floating around in your beauty products and home goods? I LOVE this app. You can easily scan your products to learn about their toxic "grade" as well as discover some great non-toxic products! 

Ok your turn! Please share some of your very favorites from 2017!