I've been loving my Romance & EOs Series this month! I taught a fun class for my Facebook girls at the beginning of the month all about romance and intimacy with essential oils and have been doing a post series on IG with lots of DIYs and romance related recipes. ;) 


I couldn't wait to post about this DIY. Most of you know that I run a small candle business called Lindbergh Candle Co. so I LOVE me some candles. I wanted to create a playful candle that could be fun for love. And voila, a massage oil candle made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils! Yas! Use this candle to create a beautiful atmosphere and then use the melted oil to give your loved one a massage. Wanna make one? Here's how! 

* Two 4oz vessels for your candles. Can be glass or tin. 
* Candle Wick
* 2 Clothes Pins
* Hot Glue Gun
* Scale
* Thermometer
* 1.6oz Shea Butter
* 1.4oz Soy Wax
* 1.4oz Cocoa Butter
* 1.4oz Sweet Almond Oil
* 1/8 TSP Vitamin E Oil
* Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
* Rose or Bergamot Essential Oil


STEP ONE: Using a hot glue gun, attach your wicks to the bottom-center of your candle vessel. 

STEP TWO: In a double boiler add your shea butter, soy wax, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Stir slowly until melted. I would use a scale to measure out your needed butters, oils and waxes to get the right amounts. Once melted take off heat and let it cool to about 130F. This is important because you don't want your oils to be destroyed by the heat. 

STEP THREE: Once melted and cooled add in your essential oils and vitamin E. Add in 30 drops of Ylang Ylang and 15 drops of Rose OR 20 drops of Bergamot. Using a clothes pin, center the wick and let the candle set overnight before using. 

STEP FOUR: To use your massage candle; light the candle 5-10 minutes before planning to use as a massage oil. You don't want the candle to burn too long otherwise the vessel and oil will get too hot. After 5-10 minutes, blow out the candle, pour wax into your hands and use it to massage your loved one. It's SO nice and warm!! 

Enjoy and have FUN with your beau this Valentine's Day! 
-Savannah xox