In April we made the crazy decision to sell the home we never thought we'd leave and move across Atlanta. Our decision wasn't made easily, we weighed so many pros and cons and ultimately felt that being closer to Soren's ABA therapy, having a fresh start in a new home and taking advantage of the market in our area in order to make a profit and get OUT OF DEBT ya'll! (Bye-bye Berry College student loans!!)...was the best decision we could make for our family. We covered it in prayer and asked for strong direction in our decision and that we would pick the best house for our family and our needs. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.47.57 PM.png

Once that decision was made in April we had our real estate agent (Hi, Kate!!) come over and give us advice on ways we could update our home and give it a little extra love. We sketched out a hardcore plan and made a huge list of to-do's and got busy!! In three weeks we painted, got new flooring, fixed up parts of our home that needed love, updated a ton of hardware and lights and cleared out a TON of stuff. We had a garage sale, we took loads of items to goodwill, we even got a dumpster so we could finally clean out our poor garage. It was an intense and tiring 3 weeks but we did it and managed to somehow get our house on the market in May. 

I was able to capture a lot of the process of selling the home we loved, finding a new perfect home for us (although there were a few "toads" along the way) and the big moving day! You can check them out over on my channel here or watch them below! 

Planning a "just moved in" house tour of our new home soon! Just waiting on a few little pieces to come in the mail and then we can have fun chatting about my ideas and maybe I can get a little help from you on what we should do to really make this place special! xoxSav